1LDK Photography – by Faizal Omar

sms/call or email me for details.

1LDK Photography by Faizal Omar
+6012 502 0607

To view more photos from my collection, do visit my Flickr page or here!

Example of My Works :


Wedding Fina - Ipoh

Wedding Faiz - Klang

Wedding Faiz - Klang

Portraiture :

*tag along with Mr. Taufiqshariff


Β© 1ldk photography 2009
All images on this site are under the ownership & copyright of 1LDK photography. No photograph may be reproduced, downloaded, copied, stored, manipulated, or used whole or in part of a derivative work, without the permission from the owner. All rights reserved.


3 Responses to “1LDK Photography – by Faizal Omar”

  1. ooookeeeey,
    my wedding will be postponed to may2010 during golden week since encik tercinte xkena tahan dgn kampeni. (*sob..sob,sedey gile*)
    so, need to re-search photographer n segala mak nenek.

    interested ni, package ni bape photog. mapley?
    videography ade x?

    • kalau nak videographer skali..
      ada spesel price πŸ™‚ nnt i kasi details.
      latest price 2010. photographer+videographer (nihonsotsu spesel.. hehe)

  2. booking 2009,
    bagila price 2009 ahaks

    nihonsotsu spesel?

    p/s: komen atas tersilap

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