Melaka : revisited

the same spot… hehe

Malacca Trip, again!
Mahkota Hotel, near Mahkota Parade.
UMBAI was even better this time..(more eating than shooting..hehe)
Full of laughs..we all had a lot of fun.

MELAKA = UMBAI! = lot’s of seafood! = crazy people = sepahat = burrp!

antara watak utama dalam peperangan ala transformers di Umbai (revenge of the sotong tepongs)

previous visits to malacca :
1. Mencari Keris Patih
2. More from Melaka Trip


~ by 1ldk on July 6, 2009.

7 Responses to “Melaka : revisited”

  1. Jangan tinggal beg ya. Dalam tu mungkin ada D90 anda.

  2. wahhh, pergi semule ke tempat lame.
    best gak nih.

  3. merah itu best…

  4. eh same spot!
    tp kali ni gamba sorang2/beg huhu
    ble nk pegi lg tah…

  5. Thanks for your nice looking blog and good that everything in yuor photos is that deep red colour – the colour of Melaka! I was there for the first time a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it too. Travel well! Richard

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